Impact Investing Forum

November 3rd - 5th 2016

Hidden Cliff Hotel & Nature in Jeju Island







Key Speaker

Geoff Woolley, Founder and Chair, Unitus Impact Fund

Richard Roque, Managing Director, SA Capital

Yuni Choi, Senior Associate, Tau Investment

Zhang Jiawei, Secretary General, Social Enterprise Research

Kei Hareyama, serial entrepreneur and investor

Jongjun Won, CEO of Lime Asset Management

Hyeon Cheon Jung, Senior VP, SK Group

Chullyoung Lee, Founder and Chair of Ark Private Fund

Albert Chan, Vice Chairman, Investment Committee at Ping An Insurance Group

Robert Kraybill, Managing Director,IIX

Steven Yang, Partner, B Current Impact Investment

HyuckTae Kwon, CEO, Coolidge Corner Investment

Lisa & Charly Kleissners, Founder of KL Felicitas, Toniic, 100% Impact Network

Aaron Fu, Managing Partner, Nest VC

Key Entrepreneur

Kago Kagichiri, Eneza Education, Founder & CEO

Sooinn Lee, Enuma, Founder & CEO

Young-Jun Jang, Riiid inc., CEO

Felix Kim, Ovitz, Founder & CEO

Hoyoung Ban, NEOFECT, Founder & CEO

Shantanu Pathak, CareNx Innovations, Founder & CEO

Kohl Gill, LaborVoices, Inc., Founder & CEO

Irvan Kolonas, Vasham, Founder & CEO

Bryant J. Eggett, MicroBenefits, COO

Daniel Yongjun Sung, INGINE, Founder & CEO

Nico Tyabji, SunFunder, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Jim Chu, Untapped Inc., Founder & CEO